Southern Bangladesh: Cyclone Bulbul Briefing Note – 12 November 2019

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Briefing Note: Southern Bangladesh – Cyclone Bulbul (13 November 2019)

A severe cyclonic storm Bulbul, hit Bangladesh on 9 November, 2019 through Khulna division. Maximum sustained wind speed within 64 km of the severe cyclone center was about 100 kph rising to 120 kph in gusts/squalls according to the Met office. The coastal areas receiver heavy rainfall prior to the cyclone’s arrival which continued as the cyclone passed.

Over 2 million people were evacuated to more than 5,500 cyclone centres in 14 districts according to country’s media reports (The Daily Star, 10/11/2019). According to the Department of Disaster Management, government allocated 4300 metric ton of rice, 14,000 dry food packages, children food worth BDT 900,000, animal food worth BDT 900,000 and total cash grant of BDT 18,500,000 in 16 districts heavily affected by the cyclone.

The cyclone damaged households, agricultural lands, destroyed plantation and disrupted communication. According to SOS forms published by the DC, DRRO, the worst hit districts included Satkhira, Khulna, Barguna and Bagerhat. The cyclone also claimed lives of 17 individuals.


Due to continuous update of data, a true picture of the impact is gradually becoming available making it difficult to report on the overall impact at present. On the other hand, due to data discrepancies between sources currently information is only being derived from forms published and signed by the DC, DRRO.

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