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South Asia Flood 2007: Work Report

The Hong Kong Red Cross sincerely thanks the generous support from the Hong Kong public to our flood relief operation in South Asia in 2007.

Disaster Situation

Climate change induced the monsoon season started earlier in South Asia in 2007, heavy rainfall caused severe flooding and landslides covered Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and India. It is reported that around 3000 died and more than 10 million families were affected.

The Hong Kong Red Cross (HKRC) launched a fundraising appeal for South Asia Flood Relief on 13 August 2007. With the generous donations from the public and the Hong Kong SAR Government Disaster Relief Fund, HKRC has mobilized more than HK$2.16 million in support of relief operation in Bangladesh, Pakistan and Nepal.

Red Cross Actions


Around 14 millions of people were affected in 46 districts and more than 1 million of houses and 900,000 hectares of crops were damaged by floods in 2007.

With the support of the International Red Cross, the Bangladesh Red Crescent Society (BRCS) have implemented and completed all planned relief and recovery activities for more than 405,000 families in March 2008.

- A total of 67,500 families in 42 districts received basic food and non-food items consisted of 20kg rice, 5kg lentil, 2L edible oil, 1kg salt and I piece of clothing item.

- A total of 50,220 families received basic health care services

- 56,000 farmers received the wheat, paddy seeds and saplings to restore their livelihoods.

- 17,000 people had access to safe drinking water and facilities for safe hygiene practices as 165 water systems were restored, and 912 latrines were improved.

HKRC contributed approximately HK$1.1 million to support food and non-food distribution in Bangladesh. A total of 12,300 families received family kits and 65,200 individuals received blankets under HKRC' support before January 2008.

Two HKRC personnel also joint the International Red Cross to assess relief and recovery needs across 11 districts in Bangladesh in August 2007.


Floods and landslides in 2007 claimed 214 lives, injured 110 people and displaced more than 25,000 families. Over 643,000 people were affected across the country.

The Nepal Red Cross Society (NRCS) led the relief operation, especially food and non-food distribution in the country with support from the International Red Cross and other organizations like the United Nations.

- More than 23,800 families received non-food relief item kits.

- More than 34,000 families received tarpaulins for temporary shelter arrangement.

- Among 2,500 families, about 25% were distributed with construction materials such as bamboo, cement, roofing sheets and etc. to repair their damaged houses.

- 15,000 and 5,000 families received seeds and tools respectively.

- With the support from European Commission's Humanitarian Office (ECHO)/Danish Red Cross Society, 115 water sources were rehabilitated, benefiting about 3,680 people.

- Up to date, a total of 249 people were trained for district disaster response and seven targeted communities over 11 have been supported in mitigation.

With the generous grant of HK$880,000 approximately from the Hong Kong SAR Government Disaster Relief Fund, the HKRC supported the distribution and replenishment of 3,109 non-food relief item (NFRI) kits (including tarpaulins, blankets, kitchen utensils and clothes) to NRCS. The task was completed by January 2008.


About 2.5 million people were affected by floods and cyclones in the summer of 2007. More than 71,000 houses and 6,500 villages were destroyed.

The International Red Cross and Pakistan Red Crescent jointly rendered relief to 154,106 floods and cyclone affected families from July to November 2007.

- 23,406 families received non-food emergency relief items, including 23,971 blankets, 15,037 hygiene kits, 18,919 kitchen sets, 36,663 jerry cans, 33,268 bed sheets, 4,335 plastic sheets and 20,967 mosquito nets.

- More than 23,000 households received water and sanitation assistance through rehabilitation of 11 wells and 2 water supply schemes, sanitation, hygiene promotion and daily supply of clean water.

- More than 67,000 people received health care from Red Cross/ Red Crescent medical teams / units,

- 13,700 families received shelter assistance, including 7,700 shelter kits and 6,000 tents

- 27,000 families received food aids through the distribution of one week food packs, each consisted of 10 kg rice, 2 kg lentils, 2 kg sugar, 1 kg salt, 2 kg ghee, 400 g tea and 1 pack of matches.

Longer term disaster risk reduction program and health and care programs will continue until June 2009, to further strengthen the capacity of the disaster prone communities.

HKRC contributed more than HK$500,000 in response to the emergency appeal launched by the International Red Cross.

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