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South Asia Flood 2007: Operation Update no. 2

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Disaster Situation

The heavy monsoon rain and typhoons since June 2007 have continuously brought severe floods and landslides across the South Asian countries, namely Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and India. As of 18 September 2007, it is reported that the total affected population mounted up to 61.5 million people, 5.67 million people were made homeless, over 4,000 lives were claimed and with 600 people injured.

The Hong Kong Red Cross (HKRC) launched a fund raising appeal for South Asia Flood Relief on 13 August 2007. With the generous donations from the public, to date, HKRC has mobilized approximately HK$1.6 million in support of relief operation in Bangladesh and Pakistan. The HKSAR Government Disaster Relief Fund has also approved a grant of HK$1.2 million for relief operation in Nepal.

Red Cross Red Crescent Actions


- HKRC has contributed HKD507,447 to support the emergency operations.

- The Pakistan Red Crescent Society (PRCS) had distributed emergency food rations and non food items to more than 15,000 and 12,000 families respectively. More than 3,500 families received water purification tablets and over 10,000 hygiene kits and kitchen utensils were also distributed.

- A PRCS mobile health team together with the Finnish Red Cross health Emergency Response Unit (ERU) offered medical assistance for over 31,000 patients.

- Provision of fresh water is being monitored constantly.


- HKRC has contributed HK$965,000 to support the food and non-food distribution in Bangladesh.

- The Bangladesh Red Crescent Society (BDRCS) had distributed emergency food and non-food items to 28,300 families. Food and family kits will be further distributed to 21,500 and 6,300 families respectively.

- The mobile medical team has already served 8,968 patients.

- Two HKRC personnel joint the International Red Cross to re-assess relief and recovery needs in Bangladesh in August 2007.


- HKRC has received a government grant of HK$1.2 million from the HKSAR Government Disaster Relief Fund to be allocated to support the distribution of non-food relief item kits to 3,109 families.

- Food items were provided for around 27,000 families and non-food family packages were given over 11,800 families by the Nepal Red Cross Society (NRCS). An additional of 15,000 non-food relief item kits will be procured.

- In addition, 9,352 families each received a tarpaulin.


- The International Red Cross allocated HKD1.6 million for the flood relief operations in India.

- The Indian Red Cross Society (IRCS)'s volunteers have assisted to evacuate 2,500 and provided first aid services to nearly 3,000 people. IRCS has provided about 40,000 family packs to the affected.

- IRCS is planning to distribute male and female clothing, bed sheets and polythene sheets (3,000 of each item) to the flood-affected victims in Orissa State.

Since humanitarian needs in the flood affected areas are still unmet, the HKRC continues appealing to the Hong Kong community for their generous donation to assist the affected returning to normal lives.

General Enquiries

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