Situation Report on Tornado in Brahmanbaria, Nowgaon, Natore - 01 Apr 2013

Situation Report
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Immediate Action Taken

  • Injured people are admitted in Brahmanbaria general hospital and other hospitals/clinics. Very seriously injured 15 persons are sent to Comilla Cantonment and some other persons are sent to Dhaka Medical College Hospital as well.

  • Construction of 10ft high CI sheet partition in district prison.

  • Electricity system is resumed inside district prison by generator.

  • Fire Service, BGB, Police, RHD have managed to restart road communication by removing fallen trees.

  • Rescue operations are carried out with the help of Fire Service, BGB, Police, RHD, PWD and local public representative.

  • Two medical teams from Comilla Cantonment are engaged for rendering medical services.

  • Almost all affected families are getting cook food twice daily from the Government Administration

  • Dry food distribution among affected people is arranged by UP chairman, public representatives and other organizations.