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Shelter/NFI Sector Working Paper 2020 – 2022

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1.0 Overall Strategy

To enable the Rohingya refugees to access protection-focussed, culturally appropriate shelter/NFI solutions that provide privacy, security, protection from the elements, reduced exposure to hazards, tenure security, and space to store belongings and live in a dignified manner.

2.0 Scope of the Sector Response

Coordination across sectors, and with relevant authorities and partners, on shelter/NFI support for Rohingya refugees and vulnerable host community households living in proximity to the camps.

3.0 Key Principles

Progressivity: The Shelter/NFI Sector will take appropriate action to promote, protect and ensure the full and progressive realisation of the right to adequate housing.
Incrementalism: Incremental shelter can be defined as a step-by-step process wherein comp