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In the Shadows of the Pandemic: The Gendered Impact of COVID-19 On Rohingya and Host Communities - Advocacy Brief

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Cox’s Bazar is home to 860,697 Rohingya refugees (52% female, 48% male) in addition to the host population (50% female, 50% male). As of September 27, 2020, there have been 357,873 total cases of COVID-19 in Bangladesh, with 4,721 in Cox’s Bazar and 251 across all 34 refugee camps. Of the 251 confirmed cases across almost all camps (73% male, 27% female), resulting in eighth deaths (37% male, 63% female). Due to negligible testing, actual infections and the death toll are likely to be higher. In Cox’s Bazar, COVID-19 has had significant impact in the already extremely congested camps and has also had a number of adverse effects on the host community.

This Rapid Gender Analysis, conducted by ISCG Gender Hub, CARE, Oxfam, ACAPS-NPM and UN Women, draws from 272 quantitative surveys (152 Rohingya, 120 host community [approximately 54% male and 46% female]), 66 key informant interviews (27 Rohingya, 39 host community), secondary data sources, and their research in the region to fill information gaps and to provide evidence for genderresponsive programming during the COVID-19 crisis.