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Rohingya Refugee Response - Bangladesh Factsheet - Field & Site Management (31 December 2020)

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Community-Led Projects (CLP)- 100% of the total 435 schemes identified for implementation, have been completed. The CLP schemes include Care and Maintenance of camps infrastructure such as (not limited to) pathways, bamboo bridges, stairs facilitating access to services locations, and communal facilities. The Core Operational Teams, led by refugee volunteers and SM and FSMU FPs, assisted refugees to identify the priority interventions through organized Focus Groups Discussions (FGDs and KIIs) of male, female, and youth populations as well PWD and PWSN.
Refugees were also involved in the implementation as laborers, hence the schemes create an income source in addition to the ownership of these projects by the communities. The CLP schemes are centered on Age, Gender, and Diversity (AGD representation), allowing refugees of all groups to identify priority needs and lead in the project implementation, building up resilience and empowerment of the refugees through participation in the decision making and therefore restore their dignity.
Capacity Sharing Initiative (CSI)- The CSI evaluation questionnaire have been translated into Bangla. In close coordination with the SMSD Sector, an orientation session on evaluation methodology was held with camp managers, who will help administer the paper-based questionnaire survey, on 10 and 14 December. The evaluation, which includes paper-based and online surveys as well as Key Informant Interviews (KIIs), targeted CiCs, ACiCs, CiC Support Staff, SMSD members, and colleagues who were involved in developing various training modules (CwC, CBP,
DRR/natural hazard, etc.) The questionnaire surveys were completed by the end of December.
Winterization NFI distribution for refugees has started in December across the camps. For families that have 1 to 5 members, they received 1 mattress and 1 blanket. For families with more than 5 individuals, they received 2 mattresses and blankets each. In the first half of December, 35,361 families out of targeted 89,891 families (39%) have received winterization assistance. Furthermore, 35,249 families out of targeted 78,102 families (45%) have received soap from UNHCR. LPG distribution and donation in the host community- Winterization of LPG refill with 20% shortened refill cycle started on 10 December and will continue until 28 February. Total 17,148 LPG sets have been distributed in the host community so far. 5,770 LPG sets were donated to the UNO of Ukhiya on 15 December. Pop-up Store pilot at C4X DP was completed in December 666 HHs were covered. Pop-up store allows refugees to assess their own needs and spend points (based on family size) to receive their choice of NFI from the list of about 47 household items to cover basic needs. Evaluation Process of the pilot project was initiated.
In 2020, some 484 families, which includes 257 families from Transit Center (TC) have been relocated to different camps. Towards the end of December, there were 153 families at the TC, and more relocations are planned within UNHCR AoR from TC in coming days, beginning of January 2021.