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Rohingya crisis - WHO Bangladesh situation report #8, 29 April 2021 (Period covered: Weeks 15-16, 15-28 April)



  • WHO and Health Sector partners held the first meeting of the After-Action Review following the large scale fire-incident in the camps to assess the emergency response with the aim of capturing best practices and lessons learnt, while facilitating the standardization of future response interventions.

  • WHO continues to support the Government of Bangladesh (GoB) in the preparation for the COVID-19 vaccination campaign for the Rohingya community, scheduled to start in the coming weeks, pending the revised arrival date of the allocation of vaccines from the COVAX facility for Bangladesh.

  • Over 250 humanitarian workers participated in three training sessions on vaccine safety, vaccine administration and FAQs in order to raise awareness, address vaccine hesitancy and rumours among the Rohingya population and promote community mobilization in favour of vaccination.

  • WHO conducted IPC supportive supervision visits in six SARI ITCs in the camps as part of the quarterly quality assurance and quality control efforts to improve health workers and patient’s safety and ensure quality of healthcare.

  • SUBJECT IN FOCUS: Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) during COVID-19 pandemic in Cox’s Bazar – A new paradigm of patients and healthcare workers’ safety.