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Rohingya Crisis – Repatriation of Refugees (DG ECHO, EU DEL, Media) (ECHO Daily Flash of 7 November 2018)

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  • Back in January 2018, the Government of Bangladesh shared a list of 8 000 Rohingya with the Government of Myanmar. Out of that list, the Government of Myanmar came back with 2 000 names eligible for repatriation; some 50 individuals were qualified as terrorists, the rest unknown. Those in question have not been told that they appear on the list.
  • Bangladesh and Myanmar have now reached an agreement to start repatriating the first Rohingya refugees by mid-November 2018. The announcement comes just one week after the UN Fact Finding Mission reported ongoing severe discrimination and repression in the Rakhine State of Myanmar. UNHCR and other actors in Bangladesh have neither been consulted nor seen the text of the agreement. It is therefore difficult to assert whether adequate safeguards or guarantees have been put in place.