Restoring Family Links (RFL) Update 2

from Bangladesh Red Crescent Society
Published on 13 Sep 2017 View Original

Purpose of this note: Bangladesh Red Crescent Society (BDRCS) has produced this update to inform respective Stakeholders, including partners of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement (the Movement), about the ongoing Restoring Family Links (RFL) response together with the ICRC for the recent Population Movement from Myanmar to Bangladesh.

RFL needs, capacity and response: Many who fled to Bangladesh had lost contact with relatives in Northern Rakhine upon arrival. BDRCS and ICRC RFL team primary RFL needs assessment in the areas of Teknaf and Bandarban where most of the new influx has taken temporary shelter. In coordination with the ICRC, the BDRCS deployed three RFL teams in Cox’s Bazar, Bandarban and Chittagong district. Each team is consisted of two members and, they reach out to people escaping violence from Myanmar to different locations of above-mentioned districts in Bangladesh.

In Bandarban district, RFL team members reconnected 60 persons with their family members in Myanmar through phone call service till Monday, 4 September 2017. The team visited Naikhanchari, Ghundhum and Rubber Plantations areas, where people gathered for safe shelter, during their response. In Chittagong district, RFL team members visited the injured persons from Rakhine who are currently undergoing treatment at the Chittagong Medical College Hospital (CMCH), and listed the injured persons who were admitted at the hospital till 3 September 2017.

Team also re-established contacts between two persons and their family members in Myanmar.

In Cox’s Bazar district, RFL team member visited Balukhali area and provided phone call services to 32 newly arrived persons rom Rakhine. All teams will remain deployed and continue providing RFL services accordingly.

According to the needs assessment and the plan of actions, the BDRCS and the ICRC will:

  1. Continue to provide phone call service and collection of safe and well messages. Tracing Requests will continue to be offered according to the needs.

  2. Keep the provision of charging sources (solar panel or other mobile charging service).

  3. Raise awareness about RFL services among beneficiaries, in particular conveying specific messages in case people plan to migrate somewhere else.

  4. Set up RFL booth in camps.

  5. Coordinate with other humanitarian and UN agencies on the ground (MSF, UNHCR, IOM, etc.).

  6. Update RFL services among concerned authorities.

  7. Improve internal coordination between ICRC’s Protection and Assistance departments.

For further information about the Bangladesh Red Crescent Society’s RFL activities, please contact:

Imam Zafar Sikder, Director, Restoring Family Links (RFL). Email: Mobile: +88 01811 458 513.

Shirin Sultana, RFL program Responsible, ICRC Dhaka, Email; Mobile: 0088 02 01730326844