Research for Action - New papers provide recommendations for improving agriculture, nutrition, and development in Bangladesh

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May 26, 2010 by Abid AslamBangladesh is concentrating efforts to achieve food and nutrition security for its people. The facts, figures, and analysis underlying this new push are now available online.

IFPRI and other internationally recognized experts prepared six research papers, one for each priority area identified by the government and discussed at the May 26-27 Bangladesh Food Security Investment Forum.

The documents summarize the major opportunities and challenges facing the country and identify opportunities to accelerate progress in achieving food security. Specific titles include:

Agricultural marketing, price stabilization, value chains, and global/regional trade

Cross-cutting issues: Governance and gender

Food utilization and nutrition security

Growth and development potential of livestock and fisheries in Bangladesh

Income growth, safety nets, and public food distribution

Investing in crop agriculture in Bangladesh for higher growth and productivity, and adaptation to climate change

The papers provide concrete recommendations to advance towards a future in which no one in Bangladesh suffers from hunger.

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