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Qatar Charity reconstructs 537 fire-damaged shelters for Rohingya refugees

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Qatar Charity has started rebuilding 537 shelters for Rohingya refugees in Cox's Bazar in Bangladesh, which completely burnt down in a recent fire.

Shelters are being constructed at Kutupalong Camp (Camp-9) by the design and supervision of the Commissioner Office for Refugees, Relief, and Repatriation (RRRC) of the Government of Bangladesh.

According to the design, each bamboo-made house has two living rooms that accommodate a family of six members.

According to the authorities, these houses are disaster tolerant.

Md. Shamsuddoha, an RRRC official, thanked Qatar charity for helping the helpless Rohingya communities while he visited the shelters.

He said nearly 50,000 Rohingya families were left homeless in a devastating fire last March. Recently, various development agencies, including IOM and Qatar Charity, have started rebuilding the shelters. this work will reduce the suffering of Rohingyas will be reduced.

Qatar Charity has already completed the construction of many houses.

Nur Hasina, a Rohingya refugee who got a house, said our house caught fire, and after that, we, a family of 3, spent several months in another camp with many hazards.

We are delighted to have this new house again.

Md. Siddique said we are nine members of my family. Thousands of families like ours were left homeless in a devastating fire last March. Thanks to the Government of Bangladesh, including Qatar Charity, for rebuilding a new home for us.

55-year-old Amin Mohammad got a new house. While talking to him, he said one of my relatives died in that fire, but we are lucky to have survived. After became homeless, I have spent so many days in the house of one of my neighbors. Tears came to my eyes when I received a new house.

At the end of last March, an estimated 48,000 Rohingya refugees lost their shelters and belongings in the blaze, which devastated parts of the Kutupalong-Balukhali refugee camps in Cox’s Bazar.

The fire destroyed more than 9,500 shelters. Refugees who lost their shelters were being temporarily accommodated within the camp.

The fire also reduced to ashes more than 1,600 important infrastructure facilities vital for daily operations, including hospitals, learning centers, aid distribution points, and a registration center.