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Qatar Charity provides relief to Rohingya in Bhasanchar

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After delivering about 200 tonnes of essential food items as emergency relief, Qatar Charity has started distributing gas cylinders with stoves among Rohingya families in Bhasanchar, a remote Bay of Bengal Island in the Noakhali District.

Initially, this initiative has been taken to meet the fuel crisis of 4,562 Rohingya families.
The relief team of Qatar Charity is conducting the distribution activities in the presence of the concerned government officials in Bhasanchar.

Qatar Charity Relief Coordinator Tanvir Elahi said food items had already been distributed among Rohingya families in Bhasanchar.

Now LPG cylinder distribution activities are going on.

This LPG is being given to 4,562 families.

During the distribution, a senior Navy officer in charge praised the Qatar charity's relief efforts. He said Qatar Charity has been on the side of the helpless Rohingyas since the beginning by conducting relief activities. We thank them for this activity.

The happiness of the beneficiaries

Rohingya families have expressed satisfaction with the relief assistance provided by Qatar Charity.

They said food is needed to sustain life, and Qatar charity has made their livelihood easier with regular necessities and food items.

Fatima Begum, a 30-year-old woman, said she received a full month's worth of food from Qatar Charity a few days ago.

Now we have been given fuel, gas, and a stove. We thank Qatar Charity.

Solomon, 55-year-old, said, how can we live without food? Qatar Charity is giving us food every month.

Besides, they are also providing the necessities of life.

More and more organizations are helping us. This is how we survive.

Relief aid

In the past few months, Qatar Charity has distributed about 200 tonnes of essential food items among 2,500 Rohingya refugees in Bhasanchar. The food items included rice, pulses, oil, salt, sugar, onion, garlic, ginger, spices, flattened rice, eggs, dried fish, and potatoes.

According to the Refugee, Relief, and Repatriation Commissioner (RRRC) office, 18,538 Rohingya people belong to 4562 families and have been shifted to Bhasan Char in six phases so far.

Government officials working in the Bhasan Char said the island had been prepared in the meantime to accommodate more Rohingya people.

Meanwhile, the government has also set the program to shift 80,000 more Rohingyas staying at various camps in Cox’s Bazar to Bhasan Char within the shortest possible time.