Qatar Charity implements income-generating projects for orphans in Bangladesh

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Qatar Charity (QC) has implemented various productive and income-generating projects in Bangladesh, benefiting 300 families of orphans and underprivileged families.

The implementation of these projects came as part of Qatar Charity’s efforts aimed at transforming poor and low-income families into productive ones.

The projects, worth more than one million riyals, included poultry farming, fish farming, cattle breeding, shops, and grain and vegetable farms, as well as sewing projects.

Through the implementation of these projects, Qatar Charity aims to support orphans and targeted poor families, improve their standard of living, and provide them with a permanent source of income preserving their dignity and transforming them from needy ones into productive persons, through financing and implementing income-generating projects, in addition to supporting agricultural, pastoral, and crafts sector.

Qatar Charity attaches significant importance to such projects, due to the great dependence of the Bangladeshi society on the agricultural sector, with more than 40 percent of the workforce engaged in this sector, said Amin Hafiz Omar, director of Qatar Charity's office in Bangladesh.

He pointed out that the majority of social welfare centers of Qatar Charity in Bangladesh are located in rural areas because such projects are appropriate to these places to contribute to meeting some needs of people there.

It is worth mentioning that the number of orphans sponsored by Qatar Charity in Bangladesh is estimated at more than 6,500 persons within the social welfare program of Qatar Charity. The Orphans Sponsorship Project, which is implemented by Qatar Charity in Bangladesh, has eight social welfare centers and orphanages with numerous facilities.