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Protection Sector Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh: Health Sector Programs - Tips for Protection Mainstreaming

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The contents for this note are formulated to compliment the Global Protection Mainstreaming Health Tip Sheet. Health Protection Mainstreaming Focal Points in consultation with Protection Working Group Task Team primarily revised and endorsed the Tip Sheet.

This note is divided into three sections, representing the four key elements of Protection Mainstreaming. The content is not meant to be exhaustive but presents examples of key actions that should be taken to ensure the integration of protection principles in the delivery of humanitarian assistance.

The actions described are relevant in proactive and reactive protection mainstreaming approaches for new projects and fully fledged projects respectively. In new projects the actions should begin during assessment, project design, implementation, and monitoring stages of the project cycle, and in fully fledged projects the actions should guide cautious implementation. Some actions can be sensitive by nature or may need to be referred to Protection. In these cases, it is suggested to reach out to the Protection Sector.