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Protection considerations and guidelines for Porters

Manual and Guideline
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Throughout the year, but especially during the monsoon and cyclone season, it is expected that a large number of porters will be needed to carry assistance into the camp, if the roads are inaccessible. In particular:

  • to carry assistance from the distribution centres to shelters in all those cases where the persons cannot carry the received items of humanitarian assistance. These cases can be: older persons, disabled persons, chronically sick persons, the sick and the wounded, female headed households with many children, pregnant women, lactating women, child headed households, child carers, as well as persons affected by the fasting during the month of Ramadan who may find themselves with not enough energy and strength to carry all the received materials to their shelter.

  • in-camp pathways may become very slippery, damaged and poorly passable even for persons without pre-existing impairment or vulnerability, which will determine that the need of porters will become even greater.

  • While there are some substantial differences between the type of assistance received, in terms of weight, bulkiness and shape, during the monsoon season any type of assistance will very likely require more porters.