Pre-Crisis Market and Needs Analysis: Cash Working Group, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh (April 2018)

from Inter Sector Coordination Group
Published on 01 May 2018 View Original

The capacity of markets to respond to cash-based interventions (CBI), including multi-purpose cash assistance (MPCA) were discussed as potential solutions for natural disasters preparedness activities. This study contributes to the uptake of collaborative, and joint efforts of the cash working group members in the gathering of infor-mation from the markets’ traders and from the beneficiaries. The overall process included the use of digital data capture for a quantitative survey (market data collection), combined with more traditional methods for qualita-tive data capture through focus group discussions (FGDs) and key informant interviews. Finally, the combination of both data sets indicated that markets were integrated and small to medium traders reported that in the event of an increase in demands, that they would be able to scale-up their supply. In addition, the findings showed that a growing number of Rohingya refugee HH are increasingly selling humanitarian aid to have cash for other emergency needs. Most Rohingya refugees HH also reported buying from informal markets operated by Roh-ingya traders even if the prices of basic commodities are higher than in other local markets. In the end, both men and women FGD mentioned that direct ‘Cash’ is the preferred mode of assistance.