Policy Brief: Local Level Hazards for Flood, Storm Surge & Salinity (June 2014)


Comprehensive Disaster Management Programme Conducted series of climate change adaptation research studies and the current issue derived local level hazard maps on flood , storm surge & salinity. Based on the study a research publication has been done already. Considering the importance of data and information in the hazard for decision making by the policy stakeholder , the shorter person policy brief has be been developed and published . It will assist the policy makers, government officials , planners at various Ministries and Departments to understand the vulnerabilities of the sector and areas in the country , that enable them risk informed decision taking for designing and implementation of development activities. It is expected that this will enrich the national knowledge pool on climate change and related vulnerabilities. The brief contains various information presented on map such as about most vulnerable areas/region to tidal surge while climate change may make the condition more badly. This might assist to undertake appropriate policy decision to reduce the risk of climate change and disaster for building resilient nation and communities.