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Nutrition information in crisis situations - Report number XXII

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Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons - In the past year, the movement of people within their country, and from one country or even continent to another has continued to rise. According to UNHCR (06/10) there were over 43 million forcibly displaced people worldwide at the end of 2009, which is the highest number since the mid-1990s. Out of these, about 15 million were refugees and 27 million were internally displaced persons (IDPs).

The majority (about 80%) of the world's refugees are to be found in developing countries, many of them in an arc of conflict and crisis that stretches from Southwest Asia through the Middle East to the horn, Great Lakes and central regions of Africa. The largest number of refugees worldwide ws hosted by Pakistan, followed by the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Syrian Arab Republic (according to Government estimates). Furthermore, the four largest IDP crises of 2009 were reported in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen.