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Monsoon rains cause severe flooding across Asia

Support is desperately needed in response to severe flooding throughout vast regions of central and south Asia. PWS&D is working with Action by Churches Together International (ACT) and Canadian Foodgrains Bank (CFGB) to increase life-saving support and emergency assistance, but much more is necessary to reach the staggering numbers of affected people. Reports indicate that 45 million people have been affected by flooding in India alone. Massive numbers of people have also been affected in Bangladesh and Nepal while another 54 million people have been affected in China.

Families have seen their homes washed away, their crops destroyed, and their livelihoods wiped out. The humanitarian emergency is desperate, with water sources no longer safe to drink and the threat of sickness and disease must be controlled before they can spread. People affected are in immediate need of food, medical aid and emergency shelter.

Overview: Heavy rains hit India

More than 45 million people have been affected by severe flooding in the states of Assam, Bihar, Orissa, West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh. The United Nations has described the flood situation in India and Bangladesh as "the worst in living memory."

Tens of thousands of people have left their homes and taken shelter in temporary camps on higher ground. Most did not have the chance to carry food or clothing with them during evacuation and are dependent on assistance from the government and/or other aid organizations to help meet their basic needs.

Utensils and food commodities being transported to set up a feeding centre in the district of Gorakhpur in eastern Uttar Pradesh, India.

In areas of the south and western states of the country, the water level rose almost two and a half metres within a span of only two hours. People were forced to flee their homes, leaving their possessions behind. In the state of Andhra Pradesh, over 163,000 houses were damaged. Electricity, traffic and communications were severely hit in Kerala state with more than 4,000 people forced to move to safer places and relief camps. Severe flooding in the the southern and western states of Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Gujarat.

The torrential monsoon rains have been particularly severe this year and many communities are struggling to survive. According to Mr. Sushant Agrawal, the director of Churches Auxiliary for Social Action (CASA), "When you lose everything it is very hard to recover. People have lost their houses and belongings. The standing crops are gone. The flood has destroyed the total source of their livelihood. . .The situation is alarming."

PWS&D is supporting emergency responses in India, China and Pakistan.

Relief efforts include immediate food distribution, providing safe drinking water, rebuilding homes and future risk reduction.