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Monsoon Flood 2019 Updates - Needs Assessment Working Group-Bangladesh (Version: 05, Date: 21 July 2019)

Situation Report
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Highlights of flood and landslide situation

  • 02 major river system in North (Jamuna & Tista) reached highest water level compared to its previous record (over last 100 years) as per FFWC.

  • According to FFWC, water level in BrahmaputraJamuna river system may fall till 25th July and then slightly rise and become steady. Flood situation is likely to be worsen slightly and then gradually become steady in Kurigram, Jamalpur, Gaibandha,
    Bogura and Tangail during next 5 days. At least 7 more days of flooding is expected in these districts.

  • It is now 12 days since flooding started to submerge lowlands of northern Bangladesh. .
    Though 53 rivers are showing decrease in water level and the flood situation is getting better, sufferings are increasing particularly for children, women and other most vulnerable groups. There is no GBV case reported but there is also limited information available about the women and girls living in make shift places and remote char areas marooned by flood water.

  • Agriculture is the single biggest sector impacted by current flood situation where more than 100,900 hectors of Aman crops (rice verities) damaged and likewise livestock’s, fisheries, poultry sectors are severely impacted as per agriculture department from affected Upazilas and FAO.

  • ECHO Allocation of ALERT Funding - Bangladesh Monsoon Floods response activated with aimto support flood affected community in North and Cox’s Bazar. Proposal due 4.00 pm, 22 July 2019 .


  • People are marooned in their home and some places in the make shift shelter.

  • There is high concern regarding inadequate WASH and hygiene facilities, along with food security among displaced people.

  • Though till now no GBV case reported, but several agencies reported the concern regarding the protection of women, adolescent girls and children in the temporary shelter.

  • Affected community are detached as road communication disrupted.

  • Crop damages can be an issue and local level organization stated that the damages of crop will increase in 10 fold than reported till now.

  • FAO reported that the flood in northern areas having serious losses of livestock’s and fisheries.

  • Livelihood of the flood affected communities are disrupted.

  • Damages of crops and livestock in northern district is going to impact to the long term food insecurity.

  • Schools/Madrasah in the affected areas of northern district are being use as shelter which may have impact on drop out of children.

  • There is likelihood of the disease outbreak in the temporary shelter.