Monsoon / Cyclone / Landslide / Flood: Key Messages for Temporary Learning Centre teachers and students

from UN Children's Fund, Save the Children, Education Cluster
Published on 17 Apr 2018 View Original

During the monsoon season, all students should be told, and regularly reminded of, the key messages in this document. Teachers should reinforce these messages regularly through role play, games and poems. All TLCs should have an Evacuation Plan in place, and practice it regularly with the students, likely in the form of a School Safety Drill.

Possible hazards near your TLC (FOR STUDENTS AND TEACHERS)
Be careful of any of these: - Steep or unstable slopes.
- Loose soil, stones or boulders.
- Loose wires, cables & pipes that you could trip on.
- Bamboo sheeting coming loose.
- Ditches at the sides of pathways.
- Bridges.
- Areas with lots of rubbish or debris.
- Fuel tanks, generators or anything flammable.

Being prepared (FOR STUDENTS)
- It’s important to understand the hazards we face here.
- It’s important to learn all the many small things that we can do to make ourselves safer.
- It’s ok to feel scared when thinking about these dangers.

Is it safe to go to school during monsoon season? (FOR STUDENTS)
- If there is rain, you should still try and come to the TLC.
- If there is lightning, thunder or strong wind, it is okay to stay at home.
- If there is flooding in between the TLC and your home, then you should stay at home. You can come back to the TLC as soon as there is a safe path to get there.
- TLCs should not be used as cyclone shelters, they are not strong enough. Do NOT come to the TLC if there is a cyclone coming!

- If you need to leave the TLC quickly, you need to be quiet and listen to the teacher.
- Use a ‘buddy system’ – leave the TLC in pairs and look out for one another.
- Leave your belongings behind – they are not worth your life!
- DON’T TALK – so you can hear your teacher
- DON’T RUN – so you don’t get hurt
- DON’T PUSH – so no-one else gets hurt
- DON’T GO BACK – so you stay safe