Bangladesh + 2 more

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs has granted 450,000 euros, via the Finnish Red Cross, in aid for flood victims in Southern Asia

In many areas of Bangladesh, India and Nepal, the floods have caused more destruction than in many decades. In Bangladesh, 30 million people suffer from flood-related damage, six million people are in need of immediate emergency assistance and about 500 people have died. In India, the states of Bihar and Assam have 38 million flood victims and more than 500 fatalities. Over 740,000 people suffer from the floods in Nepal. It is difficult to estimate the extent of the damage that has occurred.
The Finnish funds will be used in Bangladesh to provide food aid (rice, lentil beans and cooking oil), tools, seeds, blankets and other material assistance to 50,000 families, and mobile clinics will give health care to some 198,000 people. In India, food, protective coverings and kitchen utensils will be provided for about 250,000 people. Water purification tablets and medicines will be distributed through clinics. Blankets, food, clothes, kitchen utensils and water cans will be provided for 180,000 people in Nepal.

In addition many UN bodies, including the United Nation's Children's Fund UNICEF, the World Health Organization WHO and the United Nations World Food Programme WFP, have launched aid operations.

Additional information: Leo Olasvirta, Counsellor (Development Cooperation), Unit for Humanitarian Assistance, Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, tel. +3589 1605 6342.