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Mental health and conditions in refugee camps matter when Rohingya living in Bangladesh consider returning to Myanmar

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by Andrew Riley, Yasmin Akther, Mohammed Noor, Fourth Author (name redacted for security reasons) and Courtney Welton-Mitchell

For several decades Rohingya in Myanmar have lived in an environment of increasingly severe systematic human rights violations, including the removal of citizenship and restrictions on movements, limited access to education and healthcare, and barriers to marriage, having children and practicing their religion. In August 2017 Myanmar security forces completely or partially destroyed almost 400 Rohingya villages, and killed, injured and sexually assaulted several thousand Rohingya. This violence sparked an exodus of 700,000 refugees from Myanmar to Bangladesh. The long-standing systematic human rights violations, including the nature and scale of the violence against the Rohingya, have been well documented by human rights organisations and the United Nations.

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