Islamic Relief implements $20,000 relief project in flood-hit Bangladesh

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In October 2000, Islamic Relief's Bangladesh office implemented a $20,000 flood Relief Programme in the worst hit district of Jessore, in southwestern Bangladesh. Over 400,000 people were rendered homeless in this devastating flood. Food packs were distributed among people in the affected villages and hot food was supplied to those stranded in flood shelters.
Background to the Flood:

From the 19th to 23rd September there was continuous rainfall in East India; 1700 mm of rain fell in India resulting in the overflow of all rivers. To further aggravate the situation, Bangladesh itself experienced heavy rainfall; 500 mm of rain fell during that period.

This particular area was considered a flood-free zone. Even during the devastating flood of 1988, the entire zone remained un-effected. The last flood the area had seen was 66 years ago. As a result, the people in this area are not aware of flood preparedness at all. Communication and transportation were severely disrupted as there was a scarcity of boats which were the only means of movement.

The effect of the Flood:

Most of the affected people were moved to temporary shelters in nearby towns. The hygiene situation of most of the flood shelters was in a terrible state. There were also reports of outbreaks of diaorrhea. Scarcity of drinking water was acute.

According to official estimates, 95% (92,540) of the houses in the Jessore district were fully or partially damaged and 107, 032 acres of crops were destroyed.

Beside the governmental effort, many local NGOs (including Islamic Relief) worked to mitigate the sufferings of the affected people.

Islamic Relief's Intervention:

Islamic Relief immediately launched an emergency relief campaign to provide assistance to the worst affected population in the Jessore district. An Islamic Relief needs assessment team visited the area and drafted a proposal for the implementation of a project consisting of two activities. The two proposed activities were the provision of food aid to 1500 flood affected families and the provision of hot food to 310 individuals staying in a flood shelter in the Sharsha upazila.

The project was implemented in coordination with the Rural Resource Centre (RRC) which is a local development organisation. The relief team (consisting of both Islamic Relief and RRC staff) identified five distribution points for the food aid for the 1500 families. The content of the food pack were as follows:

Rice - 15 Kg.
Lintels - 2 Kg.
Potatoes - 6 Kg.
Iodised salt - 2 Kg.
Edible oil - 1 Litre
Match box - 5 boxes
Water container - 1 (12 litres)
Water purification tablet - 40 for each family
Oral Rehydration Salts - 10 pkt. for each family
Sugar - 1½ Kg.
Flour - 2 kg.
Soap - 1 pkt.

The project was successfully completed between the 14th of October and the 17th of October 2000.

For more information, please contact:

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Emergency Relief Officer
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