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ISCG Situation Report: Rohingya Refugee Crisis, Cox’s Bazar | January 2020

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  • In line with the Government's decision, the Education Sector will pilot the use of the Myanmar curriculum in the Rohingya refugee camps starting in April, initially targeting 10,000 Rohingya students in grades 6 to 9. The use of the Myanmar curriculum will be expanded to other grades in a phased manner.

  • By the end of January, 195,491 children in 18 camps had been vaccinated against Measles and Rubella.

  • 164,615 Bangladeshi were vaccinated in the second round of Oral Cholera Vaccine campaign for the host community.

  • A new WFP e-voucher outlet opened in January taking the total number of operation e-voucher outlets to 14. E-voucher outlets provide refugees with a greater choice of fresh, locally produced products which enhances their dietary diversity and nutrition.