ISCG Situation Report: Influx (August 2017) - 11 Sept 2017

Situation Overview

In the early hours of 25 August, violence broke out in Rakhine State. The extent and implications remain uncertain. To date, unverified estimations based on consolidated field reports of the agencies working in Cox’s Bazar are that 370,0001 people are estimated to have crossed the border into Bangladesh.

Key Figures

370,000 Accumulative arrivals since 25 Aug

35,000 Arrivals in host communities

150,000 Arrivals in Makeshift settlement / camp

185,000 Arrivals in new spontaneous sites

Key Observations

• The jump in numbers today is accounted for in large part because large numbers of people are now moving from Teknaf and roadsides into the new spontaneous settlements. The number remains unverified and very difficult to track accurately using the current methodology of consolidating and triangulating field reports. IOM NPM will be implementing a more comprehensive strategy for tracking numbers in the coming days.

• Influx continued throughout the day, with movement patterns becoming clearer as more new arrivals flow from transit sites (Shamlapur, Shawporir Dwip, Leda MS), other host community villages and the Teknaf Metropolitan Area towards existing makeshift settlements and the new spontaneous sites. The number of new arrivals seen in host communities decreased, and the new arrivals in spontaneous sites increased sharply.

• As of today, six new spontaneous sites are being identified: Unchiprang, Moiner Gona, Jamtoli, Burmapara/Thangkali,
Rubber Garden, and Hakimpara. Note that Moiner Gona, Jamtoli, and Burmapara/Thangkali are close together, to the south of Balukhali; and Rubber Garden and Hakimpara are proximate to Kutupalong Makeshift Settlement.

• Many new arrivals are still on the move and residing on the road sides, and might be left out of the calculations due to the lack of comprehensive tracking mechanism.

• There is intention to allocate 1,500 – 2,000 acres of land for new arrivals to the north of Kutupalong Makeshift. People are already beginning to settle on some parts of the proposed land and some are reporting being charged 500 Taka to do so. In a meeting with the DC on 10 September, WFP, IOM and UNHCR were requested to immediately initiate work on establishing the site.

• Reportedly, Government started biometric documentation for the new arrivals on 11 September in Kutupalong with the technical assistance of the Bangladesh Passport and Immigration Department in coordination with local administration.

• Local administration started to provide cooked food for 12,000 new arrivals at the Kutupalong expansion area.

• The local administration has been broadcasting messages in Shamlapur, Teknaf and Kutupalong roadsides for people to move on to the proposed camp at Kutupalong.

• The District Administration of Cox’s Bazar has opened a control room to provide support from law enforcement agencies and local administration as required. The contact number of the control room is +88 01615700900. There is intention to include a field post at Kutupalong.

• Host communities are absorbing new arrivals, providing them with assistance and sharing shelters in Nhilla,
Whykhong, Knajupara, Domdomiya, Nayapara village, Leda village, Unchriprang area.

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