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ISCG Monsoon Emergency Response Update - Rohingya Refugee Crisis, Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh (11 - 17 July 2018)



During the reporting week, Cox’s Bazar recorded 115 mm of rain compared to the 140 mm received in the previous week. Respite from heavy rains provided an opportunity for further progress on monsoon mitigation measures, construction and repair of infrastructure, including access roads in the camps. Heavy rains are anticipated next week, from 21 to 23 July specifically with over 70 mm on Sunday alone. High winds, including gusts of up to 90 km/h are also expected. ISCG has issued an alert to all sectors, Agencies, NGOs and competent Authorities to ensure adequate response mechanisms at the field level.
Relocation of refugees to safe areas continues and mitigation measures are ongoing. During reporting period, tides of over 4m were anticipated in Cox’s Bazar between 12 and 15 July, posing a high risk of flooding in the low-lying Shamlapur area. Timely preparedness and mitigation measures helped to reduce the risk of the impact as a result of rising waters. The ISCG shared details of the high tide (date/time) with partners, district administration, RRRC and Army who in turn communicated this to partners in the field. In Shamlapur, Site Management reviewed the preparedness measures and sand bags were placed in critical areas to reduce the impact of the tides. The community was informed and safety volunteers deployed to keep vigil on the water level. A safe area/shelter on high ground was identified for emergency evacuation, in case of need.