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ISCG: Cyclone 72 Hours Response Plan - Cox's Bazar | June 2019



This plan summarizes the immediate response plan to an extreme weather event in the refugee camps in Cox’s Bazar district. It is built from the preparedness and response plans from the various Sectors and from the individual plans of UN and (I)NGO agencies with the largest operational capacities. This document aims to:

  • Guide operations;

  • Highlight coordination, information sharing and decision-making processes of the response

  • Identify how the various response components of each sector come together in a coordinated and efficient way to respond to the needs of the most affected.

This plan aims to guide the first 72 hours once teams have access to the camps. The response would extend past these initial 72 hours, feeding into the response that may take up to a month or more depending on the severity of the cyclone. De-escalation of the severity is dependent on the needs, and the humanitarian community being able to respond to the life-saving needs of affected individuals and communities.