IOM Bangladesh: Rohingya Refugee Crisis Response, Protection update - October 2017

from International Organization for Migration
Published on 31 Oct 2017

Improving the safety, health, and dignity of the most at risk groups of Rohingya refugees in Cox’s Bazar is a criƟcal component of IOM’s response. IdenƟfying vulnerabiliƟes and addressing them in a safe, ethical, and Ɵmely manner is a vital component of IOM’s response to the influx in Bangladesh.

IOM is ensuring that Rohingya refugees have safe and Ɵmely access to specialized support through the direct provision of services, with a focus on specialized services for survivors of Gender Based Violence (GBV) and Trafficking in Persons (TIP).

Together with partners, IOM is working to ensure that women and girls have access to resources and faciliƟes that specifically target their safety, dignity, and protecƟon needs such as safe spaces for women and girls and provision of non-food items (NFIs).

IOM is commiƩed to rolling out operaƟonal responses that mainstream protecƟon, including the essenƟal acƟons outlined in the Interagency Standing CommiƩee (IASC)
GBV Guidelines. At the agency and inter-sector level, IOM has taken steps to prevent sexual exploitaƟon and abuse (PSEA) and is leading the PSEA network in Cox's Bazar.

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