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IOM Bangladesh Rohingya Humanitarian Crisis Response - Monthly Situation Report (September 2021)

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Empowering Host Community Female Workers at IOM’s Bamboo Treatment Facility

IOM’s Bamboo Treatment Facility (BTF) is empowering vulnerable women from host communities in Cox’s Bazar through various work opportunities. Established in June 2019, the BTF is one of the largest bamboo treatment plants in the region. IOM’s BTF was designed to meet the treated bamboo needs for establishing safe and structurally sound shelters throughout the Rohingya refugee camps. Female workers represent 20% of the total workforce at the facility. These workers are usually from vulnerable households who are usually overlooked in the regular day-labour market. The female workers are assigned different duties in the facility and have become valuable members of the team. One Hnila-resident Monowara Begum has been the breadwinner in her family ever since her husband died 10 years ago. For a long time, she was a domestic worker in her village. She also worked locally as a domestic cleaner, but her wages, which are often irregular, rarely covered the expenses of her family. Her employment at the BTF affords her a regular source of income and enables her to better provide for the needs of her family.

Another female worker, Sumi Jaladash and her family used to live hand to mouth with no steady work. Her family regularly ran short of money to pay for their daily expenses following her husband’s disability. Through her work at the BTF, Sumi is now able to contribute to her family’s earnings and their economic situation has considerably improved. The women hope that in the future, there will be more work opportunities for women at the facility so more female community members can find the means to support their families.

The female workers at BTF see the facility as a safe place for women to be gainfully employed. They are proud to be able to provide for their families. Watch in video.

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