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IOM Bangladesh Rohingya Crisis Response - Monthly Situation Report (May 2019)



More harsh weather expected as rains begin to impact refugee camps, causing damage and concern for coming cyclones

Monsoon preparedness has given way to monsoon response as rains and wind from the Gulf of Bengal have descended upon Cox's Bazar. The start of May saw IOM accelerate efforts to boost camp shelter readiness following Cyclone Fani's near miss in April. Efforts included re-enforcing slopes with bamboo poles and trellising and installing drainage systems to channel excess water into newly-dug basins and out of the camps. Category 3 Cyclone Fani was expected to hit Cox's Bazar and sent IOM into emergency mode as staff and volunteers on the ground distributed over 90.000 cyclone preparedness kits. Ultimately. Fani veered to the west and thankfully missed Cox's Bazar. While IOM and its partners were able to rehearse its disaster responses. The monsoon seasons started in late-May, causing damage in and around the camps. With the rains in full swing. Site Management Support (SMS) teams were disbursed camp-wide to repair damage and respond to injuries. Rain and wind resulted in a total of 12 landslides, over 2,800 partially-damaged households, and 176 totally damaged households. Infrastructure was also hit by severe weather, with over 300 latrines, four health facilities and 23 waterpoints damaged, according to IOM figures. Coifs Bazar is at especially high-risk for extreme weather and experiences major cyclones at an average of every six years.