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IOM Bangladesh Rohingya Crisis Response - Monthly Situation Report (January 2019)

Situation Report
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• Cyclone Preparedness Programme (CPP) and Disaster Management Trainings for Safety Volunteers Units and IOM volunteers were organized in several camps in conjunction with the American Red Cross and German Red Cross.

• A three day training on clinical management of rape survivors was conducted in partnership with the 10M Protection team this month.

• IOM also contributed to strengthen the current capacity of child protection stakeholders by co-facilitating case management trainings.

• Seven new and improved varieties of vegetable seeds were procured for the women's groups (25 individuals) engaged in medium-scale vegetable production.


In 2018, IOM and its partners provided aid to over 1.2 million refugees and host community members.

IOM has significantly scaled up its protection programming in Cox's Bazar and represents one of the largest integrated and specialized protection portfolios for IOM, ensuring the Centrality of Protection in humanitarian operations, decision-making and accountability structures.

At the beginning of the year, IOM continued to run the diphtheria isolation and treatment centers. In total, almost 6,000 patients were triaged for suspected diphtheria.

In February, Upgrade Shelter Kits (USKs) distribution began. In total, over 43,000 households received a kit alongside with Disaster Risk Reduction orientation.

In May, IOM started the relocation of over 24,438 individuals due to risk of landslide, flooding and infrastructure work in IOM's Areas of Responsibility.

IOM has also been working to strengthen its Accountability to Affected Populations and Communication with Communities through the distribution of 75,000 hand cranked/ solar radios as well as Feedback and Information Centers in all IOM managed camps.

Finally, the joint FAO/10M and WFP Safe Access to Fuel and Energy (SAFE PLUS) project was launched. A total of 17,841 households from both Rohingya and host communities have received cooking kits, including stove set and gas to date/

In 2019, IOM will adopt an integrated approach to support life-saving and sustaining assistance as well as early recovery activities.