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Indicative Flood Vulnerable WASH Facilities April 08, 2021

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Flood Hazard Areas Description & Limitation: The map (from the link below) displays the locations of potential flood vulnerable areas & flood vulnerable WASH infrastructures. The aim of this map is to help planners & decision makers to identify priority area for interventions at Uknia & Teknaf Upazila camps. It is not designed as a stand-alone tool for detailed site planning decisions. The map does not provide any information about the water flow & flood hazard indicatives areas are not ground proofed. They should be ground verified & combined with specific on-site evaluations and expertise. The flood zones do not necessarily imply exposure and similarly, the areas outside the flood zones are not necessarily free from danger. This map represents the modelled water depth from a 10-year average return interval (ARI) pluvial flood event. Flood depths are derived from hydrodynamic flood modelling (Source: Hydrodynamic Modelling v2.1– Deltares/WFP, 2019 for Ukhia Camps & Hydrodynamic Modelling v1 – ARUP/REACH 2020 for Teknaf camps).