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Impact evaluation synthesis: Synthesis Report of the Evaluation Series on the Impact of Food for assets (2002 – 2011) And lessons for building livelihoods resilience

Evaluation and Lessons Learned
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Executive Summary

The report synthesizes the main findings from evaluations in Bangladesh, Ethiopia,
Guatemala, Nepal, Senegal and Uganda that assessed the impact of WFP’s food for assets (FFA) activities and identified lessons on how to improve the orientation of food for assets towards achieving livelihoods resilience objectives

The evaluations covered a period of organizational change. In 2011, WFP introduced new policies and guidance documents related to FFA, including a new disaster risk reduction and management policy and the Food for Assets Guidance Manual. The evaluations assessed activities carried out in 2002–2011, which were designed and implemented under different guidance and objectives. While focusing on assessing the medium- and longer-term effects and sustainability of these past efforts, the evaluations also provided lessons on how FFA activities could be better aligned with new policy and guidance.