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Humanitarian crisis management programme: Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh - Monthly Update (August 2018)

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BRAC has been implementing a holistic, multi-sector response since the influx began in August 2017, in close coordination with the government and other partners through the Inter Sector Coordination Group. We have been working in Cox’s Bazar for the last 35 years, including specifically with the Rohingya population from previous influxes, and are pursuing an adaptive, phase-wise strategy that sequences our interventions to provide integrated services to everyone affected by the crisis.


No significant rain occurred in the reporting period. Dry weather allowed for increased work on shelter upgrading and relocation in the camps. Bamboo drains are being constructed to limit the effects of water logging. Temporary latrines being established in strategic positions in response to damaged latrines. Hygiene sessions being conducted to raise awareness.

A fire broke out at Balukhali Camp 8W on August 6, affecting three households. Families were moved to the nearest learning centre for emergency shelter. BRAC team distributed shelter kits among the affected families. No injuries occurred. A gas cooker was identified to have caused the fire.

Thousands of Rohingyas gathered in the camps on August 25 to commemorate one year of Myanmar’s crackdown on the Rohingya population. Protestors heId peaceful marches with banners and attended rallies.