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Humanitarian crisis management programme: Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh - HCMP Communiqué (June 2021)



On 22 June 2021, Asif Saleh, Executive Director, BRAC, visited the Rohingya camps affected by the fire in Ukhiya. He called on BRAC employees to stand beside the victims in case of any disaster or humanitarian crisis. He visited a learning centre, health post and water network station in Camp-9 and an adolescent centre in Camp-8. Phedra Moon Morris, Head, Development Assistance, Canadian High Commission in Bangladesh, had also joined the visit, and exchanged views with Asif Saleh regarding the crisis. Sajedul Hasan, Director, Humanitarian Programme, BRAC and BRAC International; Rear Admiral (retd) M Moqbul Hossain, Director of Operations, BRAC; Hasina Akhter Huq, Area Director, Humanitarian Crisis Management Programme, BRAC and other officials were also present during the visit.

“BRAC plays a leading role in case of any disaster or humanitarian crisis. BRAC has once again set that example during the recent fire incident in the camps” - Asif Saleh

BRAC has started work on a large pond in Bhasan Char. As per the decision of RRRC, additional RRRC Bhasan Char and the Naval Force, BRAC has engaged interested people from the Rohingya community as day labourers in excavating the pond. The work on the pond was started in June 2021 and the initiative was inaugurated by the assistant camp-in-charge and officer-in-charge of the naval force in Bhasan Char. After completion of the project, the pond can be used for fish culture by forming groups of 200, taking on one person from each household. The households will directly benefit from the fish culture and vegetable cultivation from the embankment which will in turn provide yet another opportunity to derive financial and nutritional support. As the members of the Rohingya community work together, social cohesion could be developed, which could help minimise violence within the community.