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Humanitarian crisis management programme: Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh - HCMP Communiqué (January 2021)

Situation Report
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The community started rebuilding their homes with new hope, after a massive fire had swept through the Nayapara Registered Camp on Thursday, 14 January 2021, burning over 800 infrustructures to ashes. More than 3,000 people were affected in the incident. BRAC HCMP started responding immediately in consultation with the respective camp-in-charge and supported the affected families with hot meals, disaster-resilient shelter kits, floor-mats and jerry cans. With hundreds of staff and volunteers on the ground, BRAC HCMP provided 5kg high energy biscuit packets, shelter building materials (bamboos, tarpaulins, ropes, plastic ribbon, and wire) to each of the 580 families. All the affected people were provided with cooked food twice a day for five consecutive days. Additionally, 600 floor mats and jerry cans were distributed to the affected families. Community para-counselors and para-volunteers of BRAC HCMP visited the site and provided mental and psychosocial support to hundreds of people traumatised by the incident.

To promote positive outcomes for adolescents’ mental health and wellbeing and build their skills, the Child Protection sector of HCMP organised a campaign to engage teenagers from the Rohingya and host community in a series of artistic and cultural activities. Aiming to improve their competency in the domains of communication and expression, managing stress and emotions, creativity and innovation, setting life-goals, problem solving and managing conflict, empathy and respect, 1,622 adolescents (698 boys, 964 girls) from the Rohingya camps and 480 adolescents ( 201 boys, 279 girls) took part in the campaign in January 2021. The activities involved free distribution of resources to be used in home-based activities.