Hazard Incidences in Bangladesh, April 2021

Situation Report
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Overview of Hazard Incidences in April 2021

In April 2021, eleven hazards took place across Bangladesh i.e. Covid-19 pandemic, Boat capsize, Earthquake,
Bridge collapse, Fire, Heat wave, Lightning, Nor’wester, Storm, Hailstorm and wild animal attack. Covid-19 affected a total of 147,837 persons across the country among which 2,404 persons died and 139,017 persons recovered in April, 2021. NDRCC reported total 865 Fire incidents throughout the country among which Dhaka division faced 256 incidents, Khulna division faced 175 incidents and Chattogram division faced 147 incidents of fire in April 2021. However, from NDRCC Daily Disaster Reports and different dailies, detailed information of 39 fire incidents were found in which 25 people died and 52 people were injured. Mild to moderate Heat wave has blown over all the 8 divisions throughout this month and highest temperature was recorded 41.2⁰C in Jashore. Nor’wester has blown over 12 districts throughout this month in which 14 people died and causes great damage to Boro rice. Boat capsized in 3 districts which took lives of 39 people and 3 got injured. In 4 districts 3 people died and 3 were injured due to Lightning. A Bridge collapsed in Tangail district and communication was disrupted due to it. Strong Storm blew over Dhaka and Sunamganj district in this month. Hailstorm affected Natore district with 2 events that causes damaged Mango trees. A strong Earthquake was felt in different parts of the country on the last of this month. A Wild elephant attacked a women and killed her in Chattogram district.