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Flooding in Southern Asia: ADRA Emergency Bulletin

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Heavy seasonal monsoon rains have caused widespread flooding in large regions across southern Asia devastating communities, destroying crops, and disrupting transport and energy supplies throughout India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and China. ADRA responded immediately, providing assistance to thousands of people.


*According to UN and Red Cross Reports

India: More than 20 million people affected in eight states. More than 3,000 killed, 1,750 of those in Bihar alone.

Nepal: More than 370,000 affected, with 37,000 houses completely destroyed or partially damaged. At least 69 people have died.

Bangladesh: More than 30 million affected, with 288,000 people in shelters and 4,000 schools closed.

China: more than 500 killed and approximately five million affected severely.


India: 710 families in West Bengal received food packages (rice, dhal, cooking oil, salt, sugar). Nearly 6,000 people received tarpaulins, water containers, water-purifying supplies, oral rehydration salts, and hygiene kits. Approximately 15,000 will benefit from an ADRA water purification unit that sanitizes nearly 11,000 gallons of water a day.

Nepal: To combat the threat of waterborne disease, three medical teams are providing medical care for 20,600 people, as well as transitional shelter and bedding kits (including mats, blankets, and mosquito nets) for 3,000 people in the Banke, Bardiya, Rupandehi, and Udayapur districts of western Nepal.

Bangladesh: Food packets for 1,200 vulnerable people (elderly, pregnant women, children) in northern Bangladesh, along with food, medicine, and water-purifying supplies for more than 18,000 people in central Bangladesh.

China: One-month supply of food (rice, soybeans, and cooking oil), mosquito nets, and water-purifying tools for 10,570 people.


ADRA's immediate response has depleted our global Emergency Response Fund. To help today, please call toll-free at 1.800.424.ADRA (2372), donate online, or send a gift by mail to the address below. We must act now!.