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Flash Update #6 on Monsoon Response of 01 September 2021, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh



 Site Management and Site Development. 542 monsoon-related incidents – largely windstorms, slope failures and flooding -- have been recorded in the camps. Monsoon related incidents have dropped by 83% in the last two weeks when compared with previous weeks Repairs of 6,117 metres of stairs, 680 metres of bridges, 9,609 metres of roads and pathways and 4,639 metres of drainage have been completed, 7,512 square metres of slopes have been stabilized, and 16,520 metres of drain cleaned up in all 34 camps.

 Shelter/Non-Food Items: Of the 11,675 damaged shelters verified by partners, 9,133 were assisted with emergency shelter kits while 2,542 households were not eligible for the assistance. 75% of the shelters were damaged due to windstorm and the rest were impacted by landslides and flooding. Refugees are provided with bamboo, tarpaulins, rope, jute bags to help with repairs.