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Flash Update #4 on Monsoon Response of 28 July 2022, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh


Since 6 June 2022, Cox’s Bazar has experienced over 478 mm of rainfall. Rains are expected in the weeks ahead

42,381 refugees affected

298 refugees displaced

1 refugee fatality*

*1 due to drowning


• Shelter/Non-Food Items (NFI): Since 15 May, a total of 11,224 (317 families during 15-28 July) affected families have been provided with materials including bamboo, tarpaulins, rope and jute bags to assist with shelter repair.
Of these, 990 extremely vulnerable families were provided with additional assistance such as home deliveries of shelter materials and/or received labour support to repair their shelters.

3,618 refugee shelters were partially moderately damaged

3,104 refugee shelters were partially severely damaged

4,729 refugee shelters were majorly damaged

62 refugee shelters were completely destroyed

• Protection including Child Protection (CP) and Gender-Based Violence (GBV): Between 15-28 July, 107 persons were supported by Protection actors through referral to specialised services (WASH, Shelter, health, etc.). Community Outreach Members (COMs) reached 10,686 persons to inform them of referral pathways to various service providers and provided assistance to the most vulnerable individuals. 7,109 persons were reached through awareness-raising on monsoon related topics (monsoon preparedness, cyclone & landslides).

Since 17 June, GBVSS partners have distributed umbrellas, mosquito nets and 3,760 Dignity Kits. GBVSS partners have conducted awareness sessions in disaster risk reduction, COVID-19, dengue, malaria parasites, and landslide, and delivered key protection messages on monsoon, protection from sexual exploitation and abuse (PSEA) and trafficking. 67,450 females and 26,236 males have been reached by 958 volunteers through door-to-door visits and group sessions. GBVSS partners have prepositioned 14,431 Dignity Kits for women and girls both at camp and host community. Repair is ongoing for one Women-led Community Centre (WLCC) which was partially damaged due to monsoon rain.

• Education: Due to rain and landslide during 15-28 July, four learning centres (LCs) were heavily damaged in camp 16. The roof, wall, and floor of the LCs have been affected; learning materials of one centre have been damaged. Another two LCs in Camp 16 were slightly damaged during this reporting period. As an immediate and temporary solution, the roof has been covered by tarpaulins and classes are ongoing.