Flash Floods in Cox’s Bazar, Bandarban and Chittagong Districts June-July 2015: HCTT Joint Needs Assessment (JNA)

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Situation Overview

Heavy rainfall hit Bangladesh on 23 June 2015, causing landslides and flooding. The south-eastern districts of Cox Bazar, Bandarban and Chittagong are worst affected. Government information identifies 29 upazilas as most affected.

• In the 29 upazilas classified as affected by the Department of Disaster Management (DDM), a total of over 1.8 million people are impacted.

• Since 23 June, 22 people have died due to landslides, electrocution, drowning and capsizing boats, and over 20,651 have been injured.

• In Cox’s Bazar district an estimated 60% to 90% residents have been affected, with Ramu, Cox’s Bazar Sadar and Chakaria the worst affected upazilas. At least 20 of the deaths occurred in Cox’s Bazar, with seven in Ramu (Reuters, 28/06/2015; INGO Emergency Sub-Committee, 28/06/2015; Disaster Management Information Centre, 03/07/2015; Care, 28/06/2015; Agrajattra, 28/06/2015).

• The number of people who remain displaced is unclear. Some reports indicate that most families have gone to stay with relatives rather than to a designated evacuation site (Disaster Forum, 27/06/2015). As of 28 June, some people are believed to have begun returning home. The Government estimates that 120,000 remain stranded on shoals around the Padma and Meghana rivers and have been there since 24 June (INGO Emergency Sub-Committee, 28/06/2015).

• On 27 June, there was a break in the rains and the water began receding, improving access to affected areas (Agrajattra, 28/06/2015). As of 9 July, all rivers in the three districts affected by the flooding have returned to normal levels, with the exception of Narayan Hat river in northern Chittagong district, at danger level (Flood Forecasting & Warning Centre, 09/07/2015).

• Current weather forecasts do not predict further flooding in the coming days. The monsoon normally runs until October, however, indicating that further rains in affected areas are possible (Bangladesh Meteorological Department, 09/07/2015). Heavy rainfall warnings have been issued for other parts of the country including Rajshahi, Khulna, Barisal and Dhaka Divisions (local organisation, 10/07/2015).