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Emergency: Rohingya crisis - WHO Bangladesh situation report #20, 26 August 2020 (Period covered: Week 34: 17-23 August 2020)



A total of 3927 COVID-19 positive cases have been reported in Cox’s Bazar, of which 88 in the Rohingya camps. Increasing the number of samples collected from the camps remains a priority for WHO and the Health Sector. There are currently 23 sentinel sites in the camps.

Weekly Severe Acute Respiratory Illness Isolation and Treatment Centre (SARI ITC) clinical case presentations have commenced where alternating SARI ITC sites present cases to be reviewed with technical support from WHO infectious disease specialist. Weekly case presentations are conducted with the Sadar ICU medical and nursing staff, supported by intensive care and infectious disease specialists and facilitated by WHO.

Civil Surgeon has approved the VPD surveillance site list as Very High Priority and High Priority. It is now integrated in the National AFP and VPD surveillance system.