Emergency Preparedness and Response: Cox’s Bazar Rohingya Refugee Crisis - 06 June 2018

from Inter Sector Coordination Group
Published on 06 Jun 2018 View Original


200,000 individuals at risk of landslides/floods in camps (25,000 at very high-risk).

883 community facilities are estimated to be at risk of landslides/floods.

21,012 refugees relocated due to risk of landslide or flooding as part of mitigation efforts.

The entire refugee population in camps (724,837refugees in Ukhia and 182,816 refugees in Teknaf) lack access to structures that are safe in high winds or cyclones.


The monsoon season is underway and emergency preparedness/response remains the priority. The window for risk mitigation is all but closed. For the reporting period covering 31st May – 05th June 2018, 1,298 people at risk of landslides or floods have been relocated to safer areas. Earthworks have stopped on the 500+ additional acres of land, allocated in March by the Government of Bangladesh for relocating people at risk of landslides/floods. Risk mitigation has been limited by the lack of safe shelters for refugees in camps and the lack of evacuation spaces. Discussions continue with the RRRC to identify suitable evacuation sites.