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Donations Used to Build Homes for Oppressed People

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Donations collected as a part of Stand With Rohingya aid campaign were used to build 1592 bamboo houses for Rohingya refugees.

Religious discrimination and systematic massacre of Muslims reached terrifying dimensions on August 25, 2017 and hundreds of thousands of Rohingya Muslims had to escape to Bangladesh.

Turkey started an aid campaign named "Stand With Rohingya" on September 11, 2017 with the participation of Turkish Crescent, Turkish Diyanet Foundation and other non-governmental organization under the coordination of AFAD.

Priority is housing

Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD) prioritized building homes resistant to monsoon rains for responding to the urgent accommodation needs of refugees from Rakhine state of Myanmar and used donations from Turkish citizens to build houses.

1592 of the 16 m²’ bamboo houses developed by AFAD engineers by calculating wind load in order to build homes resistant to typhoons of the region were handed to the refugees. It is planned to complete the construction of a total of 2000 houses until the end of this year.

Hygienic environment in order to prevent contagious diseases

A total of 100 toilets and 100 baths were built in the area where the bamboo houses were constructed. AFAD plans to build additional 100 toilets and 100 baths after the completion of the 2000 houses.

2 deep water wells and a central water distribution point were constructed in order to respond the water demands in the area.

Moreover, a laundry was opened in order to respond the clean cloth need of refugees.

Children were not neglected

A playground built out of natural materials was established next to bamboo houses in an effort to add a little color to the lives of children and allow them to adopt to normal life quickly.

76 babies were born at the Turkish hospital

A field hospital founded in the region in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and AFAD continues to offer services. Until now, 24 health staff working in 8 polyclinics of the hospital examined 128.082 patients and staged 845 surgeries. 17 babies were born in the field hospital founded in Bangladesh.

Donations continue

In addition to home construction and health services offered at the hospital, food package distribution for refugees is in progress.

Until today, AFAD humanitarian aid teams have distributed 13 thousand food packages to refugees in need.