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Discussing Acute Watery Diarrhoea (AWD) - A guide for hygiene promoters [EN/BN/MY]

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Working with communities to prevent AWD (Rohingya: aba bairam) requires more than one-way messaging. The approach advocated by the Hygiene Promotion TWiG is one of dialogue (conversation) with individuals and communities. We would encourage all Community Based Teams to:

• Listen to the real concerns and worries about AWD coming from communities
• Discuss with communities and individuals using the advice on this sheet, but also listen to the challenges each household faces in being able to follow the advice
• Build relationships with households and individuals based on regular visits to support changes over time (i.e. do not give the same information each time, rather adapt the information based on the needs, environmental conditions and communities’ requests)

Where specific challenges prevent households and communities to change their behaviours, please feedback to your managers who can share the information with the HP TWiG and adapt this information.

NOTE: this is not a ‘messaging guide’ – it is not designed to be read aloud to communities/households. Instead it contains key information to use in discussions. These discussions should be as participatory as possible and allow time for questions and discussions of answers.