Disaster Incidences in Bangladesh in February 2016

Situation Report
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Overview of Disaster Incidences in February 2016

In February, four natural hazard i.e. dense fog, hailstorm, lightning and Nor’wester along with manmade incidents i.e. fire incidents and wall collapse took place. Dense fog was frequent at the beginning of the month and disappeared after middle of the month. On 24th February a sudden midday Nor’wester occurred throughout the country and affected 8 districts. In the same day four incidents of Lightening reported to be occurred and affected 3 districts. Fire incidents occurred on 17th , 18th , 20th , 22nd , 23rd, 26th , 27 th, 28th and 29th of February at Malibagh, Abhaynagar, Rangunia, Gazipur, Dhaka New market, Uttara, and Chittagong respectively.