Daily Disaster Report - 28 Jun 2012

from Government of Bangladesh
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District wise Current Situation


Due to heavy rainfall and upstream water, 2500 People (approximately) of low land area become shelter less. 19 shelters have been opened in Bandarban Pourashava where all affected people have taken shelter. Total 36 people died in Bandarban due to hill slide caused by heavy rainfall. Road link between Chittagong and Bandarban were broken due to the inundation at Bajalia of Satkania Upazilla and Road link between Bandarban and Rangamati were broken due to the inundation of bailey bridge near golden temple of Bandarban. Currently road communication is rebuilt partially as the water from the inundated areas is decreasing. Relief activities by district administration are ongoing.


Low lying areas have been inundated as ring embankment ruptured due to high tide and heavy rainfall of the last few days. More 8 dead bodies rescued from land slide affected area. Total death toll is now 31. The water started tracing back from inundated area. No shelter has been required to open yet. Rail communication from Dhaka and Sylhet with Chittagong is disrupted temporarily as rail line area at Sitakundo has been inundated with water and a rail bridge has become risky. Then rail communication started again from last night by transshipment process as alternate. Rescue and relief operation is continuing by the District administration.

Cox’s Bazar

36200 families of 235 villages under 51 unions of 8 upazilas have been affected due to downpour since 23rd June and upstream water. 137 shelters have been opened for the affected people and 58000 people took shelter. Flattened rice, Molasses and other dry foods have been supplied to the shelters. 2 more persons drowned into water and 1 died as wall collapsed. 41 people have been killed due to landslides, house collapses, lightening and drowned in to water. Rescue operation of landslide and water logged areas has been declared shut down. The water started tracing back from inundated area. Situation is improving. Relief activities are ongoing.


Vast low land areas of 6 upazilas of the district have been inundated as the embankment of the Gowain river ruptured by excessive water pressure since the major rivers and the branches including the Surma and the Kushiara are flowing above danger level due to the rise in the water level because of onrush of water from the hilly regions triggered by torrential rains for last couple of days. Water has started tracking back as rain has stopped. 1 person in Gowainghat upazila and 2 persons (including an infant) died in Jointapur upazila. Other damages: affected area – 711 km; union – 46; family – 60610; people – 3,82,150; earthen household (totally) – 1907; earthen household (partially) – 11,744. 69 shelters have been opened and 5,778 people have taken shelter. District administration is continuing relief distribution. The overall situation is under strict and careful observation and necessary steps are being taken based on that.


The flood control embankment of the Mohuri river breached due to heavy rainfall and upstream water for last few days. As a result huge area and people of Dhanikunda, Modhya Dhanikunda and Chithlia of Porshuram upazilla were water logged. Water level is decreasing rapidly and Water of the river flowing under the danger level. No death toll is here.

Death toll for heavy rainfall, torrential water and hill slide

Chittagong 31

Cox’s Bazar 41

Bandarban 36

Sylhet 02

Total 110