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Cox's Bazar WASH Sector recommendations on PPE for WASH staff in light of COVID-19

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Recommendations for field staff, developed by WHO Cox’s Bazar, are linked here.
This document is not a guideline itself but rather a recommendation on PPE use for WASH field staff and front liners, including contractors and casual workers. This document is complementing the WHO recommendations linked above and not replacing any WHO worldwide guideline or any law or regulation from the Government of Bangladesh (GoB).
From beginning of June, mandatory wearing of masks in public is a GoB policy.


The most effective way to avoid getting infected by coronavirus is a combination of physical distancing and personal hygiene practices such as respiratory hygiene, hand washing with soap or alcohol rub.
Staff that feel unwell and/or have fever or any other COVID-19 symptoms should avoid going to the field.
The WASH Sector is recommending field movements only in unavoidable and life-saving circumstances, in order to limit the risk of exposure to Rohingya and host populations.
Personal safety is an ultimate personal choice: everyone reacts differently to risk and fear. However, we do not recommend to “over-react” in terms of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) (for example: using overall protecting suits/gowns during hygiene promotion activities), to avoid giving wrong messages to the communities and, as such, adding on the psychological distress populations are already experiencing.